Little Cleaning Tweaks, Big Results!

If you don’t know where to start cleaning your house, it’s time to rethink the way you clean. Just tweaking your cleaning habits can help make cleaning easier and quicker, and make getting a clean house much less overwhelming.


Bite-Sized Bursts

If you’re a person who thinks you need hours, or an entire day to clean your house, it’s no wonder you dread cleaning with a passion. Instead of blocking out hours for cleaning, give yourself ten or fifteen minutes per room. Set a timer so that you don’t go over. You’ll be surprised just how much you can accomplish in such a small length of time. The secret? Breaking your cleaning chores into smaller blocks of time makes the task less daunting, but also encourages you to do more in less time. Best of all, getting into the habit of spending a few minutes per room per day keeps clutter and big messes at bay, freeing up more of your time.


Streamline Your Tools

All-purpose cleaner. Floor cleaner. Furniture polish. Paper towels. Sponges. Mop. Broom. Which of these can you cross off your cleaning supply list? Streamlining your cleaning products and tools helps you work faster, and makes getting into gear much easier. Buy one all-purpose cleaner for the kitchen that can do surfaces and floors, and one for the bathroom that can do toilets, tubs, sinks and floors. Replace your cleaning rags with microfiber cloths, which can double as dust-catchers that can dust everything from blinds to table tops without the need for sprays or polishes. If you’ve got hard-surface floors, ditch the dry mop, the sponge/rag mop and the broom for a broom or stick vacuum and an electrostatic dusting broom (you know, the one they advertise on TV, wink-wink). Simply wrap a microfiber cloth around the dusting broom’s head to quickly dust floors, then trade it for a clean, damp microfiber cloth to mop.


Prepare In Advance
Cleaning messes as they pop up is much easier when you’ve got what you need on hand, right? So is everyday cleaning. Keep enough cleaning supplies in every room to make tackling little tasks on the fly a matter of grabbing what you need. In living rooms and bedrooms, stash a few microfiber cloths in an ottoman or storage box, and dust during commercials or just before bed. Store all-purpose cleaner, scrubber sponges and cloths in the bathroom so that wiping up a spill, scrubbing a dirty sink, or even cleaning the floor is as simple as grabbing what you need to do so with.


Work Around Your Schedule
Working with your schedule rather than against it can making cleaning second-nature. Make the night before garbage pick up the night you clean out the fridge. Use your dinner or breakfast’s cooking time to load or unload the dishwasher. Do little cleaning chores, like folding clothes, dusting or clearing clutter, while watching your favorite TV show. Get into the habit of working your daily cleaning chores into tasks you already do, and these chores will become as routine as brushing your teeth or making your morning coffee.

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